S3 Scottish Studies student

Our Creative Staff 

Mrs H. Wright: Drama

Miss S. Amos: Music

Mrs D. MacLeod: PT Guidance (Tianavaig), Music

Ms Cannon:  Art & SfL

Miss K Davies: Art (Probationer)

Mr I R Finlayson (Piping instructor)

We also have a range of visiting music specialists who teach pipe band drumming, guitar, piano, violin and clarsach.

 Our Students in the Creative Arts are involved in a wide and varying range of extracurricular activities, such as the drama group, who present work in both local and Highland-wide venues.  Students are involved in a variety of dance groups, and many of our students attend the Highland Schools Orchestra  or Choir. We also have a school pipe band, which meet weekly, and have been successful in the National Pipe Band competition.  

Our school drama team has been very successful in a variety of local and national competitions.