Broad General Education (S3)


S3 is the final year of the Broad General Education phase of Curriculum for Excellence. While still concentrating on offering a broad range of experience pupils have the opportunity to have some personalisation and choice. This is within the curricular areas of

  • Expressive Arts: Art, Drama, Music
  • Languages and Literacy: English, Media, French, Gaelic
  • Health and Well-Being: Home Economics, PE
  • Mathematics and Numeracy: Mathematics
  • Religious and Moral Education: RME
  • Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Social Subjects: Geography, History, Modern Studies
  • Technologies: Design and Manufacture, Practical Technology, Graphic Communication

They also continue to work across the curricular areas and continue to develop their skills and knowledge at the level which best suits their progress.

There continues to be a strong focus on Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Well-Being across all aspects of learning and every teacher supports pupils with these skills.

We want pupils to have the skills needed to go beyond subject knowledge and to develop a wide range of other abilities that will help in the world of work and in everyday life.

Further to the Key Steps awards that pupils take in S1/S2, a number of wider achievement opportunities are available in S3.  These include completing a CREST Award in Science, Youth Philanthropy Project in English, and Scottish Studies.

For students who wish to choose the wider achievement Elective, there will be a number of opportunities for completing wider achievement awards, and may include a variety of modules on Enterprise, Modern Languages for Life and Work, or the John Muir Award.