Arrangements during School Closure

The school building is now closed. We will continue to make announcements on the school facebook page. We have been working on a manageable way to ensure the best learning for our pupils, and have issued the following guidelines:

Our overriding aim is to ensure that all our pupils are physically and mentally healthy. Health and wellbeing is as important as any other aspect of learning – in fact we all need to feel good before we can learn properly.  That is why our Pupil Support staff have been emphasising to pupils that they are available at all times during the school day if pupil need to contact them. We have also produced some useful resources that parents and pupils can access.

It is important that all students complete a daily log, to confirm that they are completing the work set by their classroom teachers.  This can be found on the pupil portal (can only be accessed by accounts)


Previous letters are linked below:

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TECHNOLOGY ADVICE: There are a number of resources for both Pupils and Parents on the Highland DIGITAL HUB.  If you have a broken Chromebook, you can also report this here.

If you urgently need to get in contact, please email us-