Our aims

Our Climbing Wall

We aim to deliver an education of the highest quality here in Portree High School by:

  1. Enabling our young people to be confident individuals, successful learners, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

  2. Ensuring equality of opportunity and provision for all learners.

  3. Ensuring that the range of courses offered is relevant and in tune with current developments including promoting the environment.

  4. Working in close liaison with our associated primary schools to ensure that continuous progress is made by each pupil.

  5. Charting pupil progress so that each individual’s existing skills are enhanced and new skills developed.

  6. Striving continually to raise levels of attainment and achievement for all.

  7. Working in collaboration with parents, the hostel and the local communities to promote excellence.

  8. Creating an ethos in which hard work is valued and self-discipline and respect for others are evident.

  9. Developing self-esteem, nurturing a sense of community responsibility and so creating a concern for others.

  10. Developing an awareness of real-life issues to prepare our young people for life.

  11. Educating about health issues


    and promoting healthy lifestyles.