Our Curriculum

Curriculum for Excellence

As a school, we fully embrace the ethos of Curriculum for Excellence, establishing four contexts in which learning takes place:

  • Ethos and life of the school as a community
  • Curriculum areas and subjects
  • Inter-disciplinary learning
  • Opportunities for personal achievement

In designing our curriculum, we focus on the traditional Scottish educational principles of breadth, depth, progression, coherence and relevance; however, we also do our very best to instil a sense of challenge and enjoyment, as well as allowing for personalisation and choice within the curriculum at different stages in secondary.

The structure of our curriculum reflects in the first three years the entitlement that young people have to experience a broad general education designed to help them understand the environment, the world and Scotland’s place in it. We build in personalisation and choice into S3 courses by offering course choices at the end of S2 within the eight curricular areas. We use the experiences and outcomes to ensure a broad education. This is followed by our Senior Phase, S4-S6, where students continue to focus on skills for learning, life and work while moving towards National Qualifications and the transition to life beyond school. Students in S5/6 also have the opportunity to do a variety of college courses, either timetabled throughout the week, or by day release to West Highland College. 

We operate a 33 period week with each year group having one period of personal support through tutor time on a Wednesday, together with Religious and Moral Education (S1-S4), PSE and PE (S1-S6).