Broad General Education (S1-S2)

S1 Students

We believe that quality learning and teaching lie at the heart of the educational experience for all our learners. In the Broad General Education during S1/2, we provide opportunities to learn in:

  • Expressive Arts: Music, Art & Design, Drama                                                    
  • Health and Well-Being: PE, Home Economics, PSE, Tutor Time
  • Languages and Literacy: Gaelic, French, English                                                        
  • Numeracy: Maths
  • Religious and Moral Education
  • Sciences                                  
  • Social Subjects: History, Geography, Modern studies
  • Technology  

Students learn either discretely or through an inter-disciplinary approach, such as our S1 Heritage Project, our 'Science Technology  Engineering and Maths' (STEM) day, our S2 World War 2 Gaidhlig Project,  or our International Project with Hope and Faith School in Zambia. We try to build into the curriculum educational experiences which develop young people’s skills in literacy, numeracy and health and well-being, whilst allowing our students to develop knowledge and skills that equip them to be active and responsible members of the local and global community.  This year, all S1 pupils will complete a KEY STEPS award which provides opportunities for students to  develop skills through a variety of learning challenges in a range of areas, such as international development, community, health and enterprise.

IN S1 and S2, students have the opportunity to study Maths, Home Economics, PSE, Science, Tutor Time and Social Subjects through the medium of Gaelic.