Daily Information

January 2018
Prelim Timetable - If there are any clashes with subjects, please see Mr Breen, who will arrange an alternative time”.
  • Those students who are getting alternative arrangements (quiet rooms, readers, scribes, etc) should check the noticeboard in the medical room each day for the times and locations.
    • The ART Prelims will be postponed until after the prelim diet is finished.

EMA Payments There are several pupils who will not be paid in the next payment run – 26th January. This is because they have not returned absence notes, or they have not adhered to the Learning Agreement terms and conditions. If you do not receive payment see Mrs MacLeod and it may be possible to backdate this, once the appropriate documentation has been submitted to the school office.

DofE Bronze Participants Meeting this Thursday 25th January at 1.30pm in Mr. Burrows’ Room 213. Please don’t be late!

Darts There is a school age Darts tournament in Broadford on Saturday 27th January at Broadford hall. The tournament will start at 6pm and finish 8pm approx. The school minibus will leave Portree High School at 4.15. If you want to travel on the Minibus then please let Mr Allan know by Thursday this week.

Rowing Due to the snow the closing date for results has been extended to Tuesday 30th January. Come at lunchtime or make arrangements for after school.

Lost Property PE Girls black trousers found in PE Dept on Monday after school.  Please see Mrs MacRuary to reclaim them. Ski Trip – Black goretex mitt and black superdry jacket still to be claimed, see Mrs MacRuary